Welcome to ELA Core Plans Academy! Our team of expert ELA teachers is dedicated to helping you improve your instruction and achieve better outcomes for your students. We offer a range of courses designed specifically for upper elementary and middle school ELA teachers.

Our courses are designed to help you save time, streamline your lesson planning, and achieve better results with your students. Unlike other professional development options, our courses provide practical, actionable strategies that you can apply in your classroom right away.

Our current course, 'Teaching Text-Dependent Analysis Writing,' is a comprehensive guide to kickstarting your TDA instruction with three detailed strategies. In this course, you'll learn how to help your students master the art of close reading and develop the critical thinking skills they need to succeed in ELA and beyond.

We're also working on new courses, including a course to help teachers become teacherpreneurs themselves! Stay tuned for more information.

"My students in 5th and 6th grade have a hard time defining analysis. I love the progression of learning to analyze an image, then a video, then a reading passage in your course. Very well done."
-Megan G. (teacher)

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